What is this site all about?

1. Financial.  We talk about financial issues because money is a key tool to cover your needs and create an enjoyable life.

2. Freedom.  We discuss ways to find freedom from worry, fear, stress and anxiety. Stockpiling stacks of money is not the primary focus of this site. The goal is freedom of time–our most valuable non-renewable resource. We talk about getting freedom from doing stuff you don’t want to do.

3. Blueprint.  Each of us will have a different blueprint (plan) depending on where we’re starting from and what our goals look like. The important thing is to have a set of plans to build the life you’ll be happy with. If you wanted to build a house, you wouldn’t just grab a hammer, some nails and boards and then get to it. You would start with a set of plans, a blueprint, to make sure your house turns out the way you envision it. Why don’t we build our lives with the same care?

Who’s in charge of this site?

About pic

It’s me. Nathan Martin. I’m passionate about money. Have been ever since I was a kid. I’ve learned a ton in my 40+ years. Mostly the hard way.

I’ve learned to pay off piles of student debt, personal credit card debt, unsecured loans, auto loans, margin calls on investments, second mortgages, personal debts and business debts.

I’ve learned how to recover from failed business, bad stock investments (including options and penny stocks), loss from housing value decline, car accidents, death of family members, etc.

As it turns out, I’m still learning. Mostly about what’s truly important. After working hard to achieve the American Dream (great job, beautiful wife, two kids, nice house, nice cars, money in the bank, etc.) I found myself still lacking something. Now I’m adjusting my lifestyle to enjoy more of the freedom I already have but didn’t realize.

I have a great wife who not only puts up with all my “great ideas” but also supports me in each of them. We’ve been taking on the world since high school–all the challenges above we’ve worked through together. Also, I come from a large family where we laugh a lot. And I have a handful of good friends who are there for me even when I do stupid things.

I’m hoping the stories and tips I post on this site will make your life easier. We don’t ALL have to learn the hard way.  =)