Don’t Be A Dabbler!

Adam Trent picture

I finally found my theme for 2016. While watching an Inside Quest video this morning, I heard Tony Robbins say “don’t be an f’n dabbler!” and I was instantly convicted. If that quote offends you, try this one from the Bible…”whatever thy hand finds to do, do it with all thy might.”

In other words, don’t be a “jack of all trades, master of none.” I’m guilty of this WAY TOO OFTEN!

In this same interview Tony Robbins goes on to say “There’s a power in mastery.” He talks about how progress equals happiness. If we stop every time something gets difficult and don’t continue progressing toward mastery we’ll never find happiness. Mastery takes real work. Real work keeps going past the easy parts. Hours upon hours upon hours of practice.

Last night I had the privilege of watching someone who has mastered his craft. My family sat in the front row at an Adam Trent show. Adam is a very talented illusionist and entertainer. Adam has been practicing his craft for years and years. One result is that he captured the attention of hundreds of people in the audience. Ninety minutes seemed to fly by in an instant. Another result of his hours and hours of practice was that his slight of hand acts truly seemed magical. As I watched trick after trick from only 15 feet away I couldn’t figure most of them out. Even the ones where I knew what he was doing were nearly impossible to detect. In fact, in one act I was right on stage with him with the cards in my own pocket and missed the switch. The number of hours required to pull those tricks off and then more hours necessary to be an entertaining presence on stage are mind boggling. He did say he didn’t have girlfriends in high school. He wasn’t dabbling in magic. He was and is all in. Sacrifice is required to be a master of anything. But there are rewards. A line of people after the show wanted pictures with him. They waited so they could thank him and buy his DVD’s. And that was just in our little town. He’s on Broadway now.

What will you master?

  1. Find something worth throwing yourself into. Something you’ll stick with through the tough parts.
  2. Model the best. Who has mastered something you respect? How did they get there? Personal development philosopher Jim Rohn said, “success leaves clues.”
  3. Stay at it. Keep progressing. Bill Gates says, “most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

What will you work on that will move you closer to financial freedom and living the life you choose?


  1. Good Blog Nate. People from all walks of life are going to be able to relate to this. All of us have an area we need to confront and push through. I am thinking of mine right now!

  2. Nathan, this is the best blog yet in my opinion. I saw the pic, it peaked my interest, I read the whole blog, it held my interest the whole way through and I did not feel as though it was something I have already read somewhere. Maybe your 2016 theme is now becoming established. Kudos!

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