Goals: Public or Private?

In reviewing 2015 goals and laying out 2016 goals, I’m hearing and reading many respected business people say that publicly stating your goal provides motivation and accountability. I’ve also read that the opposite is true—that if you tell people your goals they’ll shoot holes in your ideas and discourage you from moving forward. I’m debating which tactic is best. In fact, I had a blogpost written outlining some of my six-month goals, but didn’t pull the trigger to post it.

Question for you—is it better to share with the world or keep your goals to yourself?

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  1. Jeff Sprowls says:

    I like accountability in all areas of my life so my thoughts are posting them is good. I also feel when goals are made known to others we are motivated even more to keep working towards those goals even when things get hard. I admit as I get older I find myself sometimes getting lazy and my goals suffer, bringing in accountability has helped strengthen me against that. Best of luck in no matter your decision but either way I know you are a motivated person and will succeed at whatever your 2016 goals are!!!

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