Six-month Goals

Thank you so much for taking the survey and replying to my question last week about whether or not to share goals publicly. The overwhelming response was “share selectively.” Specific comments included:

  • “Sharing gives you support and accountability. But with those you have relationships with, not the world.”
  • “It depends on the goals. Some it helps to be more open with (weight loss), some it may be better to keep closer to your vest (some financial info, some personal goals or family goals).”
  • “’Test market’ your ideas to people you trust, get feedback, refine, and then test again to a larger audience.”
  • “If you’ve agreed with another individual(s) to tell each other your goals and hold each other accountable for achievement of those goals, it seems like a good idea. Otherwise, it does open the door for unwanted criticism beforehand or loss of credibility afterward if you fail to attain announced goals.”

Based on your feedback, I’ve decided to test by posting a couple of my six-month goals here. Six-months is a timeframe that allows realistic, achievable goals. I have ideas about what I’d like to accomplish or where I’d like to be in five years, but life happens in unexpected ways. It’s difficult to follow that long a path step by step(at least for me). So here are a couple of my six-month goals…

In six months I will have:

  1. Written and published 5 mini-books. Having spent so many years in the publishing industry, it’s been fun to begin experiencing the author side of the publishing equation.
    • I’ve already put one out…Ben Franklin’s Guide to Financial Freedom
    • The second will be available this month…Ben Franklin’s Guide to Productivity
    • That leaves 3 more to write and publish in the next 6 months. A doable goal. Now that I’ve told you, I’ll be sure to hit that goal.
  2. Written for 6 blogs or magazines. One strategy for gaining credibility as a writer as well as growing the list of people to communicate with regularly is to write for other blogs, magazines and websites.
    • This will be more of a stretch. At this point I’ve written for exactly 0 outside of my own blog.
    • I’ve learned some different tactics from Sue Anne Dunlevie and Kimanzi Constable. Now I’m ready to practice what they teach.

What goals are you working on? At least the ones you’re comfortable sharing.

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